Verificación de documentos


From here you can check the authenticity and integrity of the content of the electronic documents generated, as well as the identity of the signatories of those documents signed electronically by the Portafirmas. Using the unique code of the document or secure verification code (CSV) contained in your copy of the electronic document, you can retrieve the original document stored in the Electronic Office.

Enter the unique code that appears on the left side of the document to be verified in the field 'Identifier of the receipt', write correctly the result of the operation that appears on the screen, and click on the 'Search' button.

Once the document is downloaded, you can check the validity of the signatures embedded in it using the VALIDe service. This service dependent on the General State Administration makes available to citizens and public administrations a platform to validate electronic signatures and certificates online.

Electronic documents generated before April 24, 2018 cannot be verified in this way. In this case, you must make a request to the General Secretariat through the Electronic Registry.